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How much does a wrap cost?

 Any charges involved Please see this handy PRICING GUIDE to give you an estimate of the cost involved. As with any questions about cost, there are a number of factors involved.  These include:

  • The amount of coverage or square metreage involved.
  • The complexity of the application. Some vehicles have a lot of curves and indents on the body, so take extra application time.
  • The quality of the vinyl used. This is one area where we do not compromise. We use the highest quality 3M vinyl graphics specifically designed for vehicle applications.

Who does the design for my vehicle graphics?

 You have two options here.

We have in-house Graphic Designers who specialise in designing for a three-dimensional medium, such as vehicles. They will happily have a free consultation and scoping meeting to determine your requirements and make suggestions where required. If the job proceeds, then we will take photographs of the vehicle(s), scale them up to size, and super-impose the designed graphics straight on to the vehicle for your approval.

The second option is to supply your own artwork designed up, ready to go. Regardless of the fact that the artwork is already designed, our in-house Graphic Designers will still double check everything prior to output.

How long does it take?

The first priority is to get your design concept right. We normally return your initial design concept within 3 days of receiving your order.  Once that is approved, our Vehicle Graphics Manager will phone you to book a mutually convenient time to have your new graphics applied. This will normally be done within 10 working days after the artwork approval.

How long do you need my car for?

This varies a lot, dependent on the coverage involved in your design. One way vision to a back window can be done in 90 minutes, whereas a full wrap of a van can take 1.5 days.

What should I do prior to bringing my car in?

If there are existing graphics on the vehicle, and you are not paying us to remove them, then the graphics and all adhesive residue must be fully removed. The day before the graphic application,  your vehicle should be washed and cleaned, but NEVER waxed. Unless you are waiting in our fully serviced Board Room, then arrangements will need to be made for you to be picked up.

What happens to the badges on my car?

The worst result for wrapping a car is for a signage company leave the badges on the vehicle, and to cut around the badges.  This is not the best result for you, and we feel doesn’t look professional. We will remove the badges and wrap over that area. We will put the badges in to your glove box, so that when time comes to unwrap and trade the vehicle in, the badges and be re-installed.

Can I get the graphics off when I go to sell it?

Interesting question. This is where the use of high quality materials for the initial job will definitely pay off. Lower quality cheap vinyls will be very hard to get off now. There is every likelihood that they will break apart, and have to be taken off very slowly in pieces about the size of a 20 cent piece. Cheap vinyls will also leave adhesive glue behind that will be very hard to clean off.

In contrast, the correct 3M vehicle grade vinyl will be easily removable with the application of a bit of heat from a heat gun or hair dryer.  This is what the good films are designed to do – be easily removable without damage to the paint work and leaving residue.

Can I just get you to print the graphics so that I can apply them myself?

We sure can do that, but highly recommend against doing so. Our Applicators are all trained to an advanced level by 3M, and have many years of vehicle graphics application experience.  As our graphics are backed by a 3M MCS (Matched Component System) warranty, you can be confident you will get professional graphics, applied by professional applicators.

Our past experience has been that when we supply graphics only, and the client installs, then we ultimately end up re-printing them and applying them ourselves.

Will the graphics damage my paint work?

Absolutely not.  In fact, they will do an excellent job of protecting your paint work from UV rays, and associated fading, and minor scratches. This will assist in achieving a good resale value. If the wrap is not a full one, then those areas that are not covered with graphics may fade a bit, as they will not have the inbuilt UV protection that is afforded by having graphics on the vehicle.

If shopping around, should I accept the lowest quote.?

Sometimes, yes. If all other factors are equal – that is, quality 3M films, 3M Advanced Certified specialist applicators, and a company that specialises in vehicle wraps.

Remember: “The bitterness of poor quality lasts far longer than the sweetness of a cheap price”. This universal rule of business is so true with regard to vehicle graphics.

As a business, you want graphics that look great, represent your brand in the best possible manner, and last long enough to give a return many times your original investment. Each vehicle in your fleet can be seen by in excess of 30 000 vehicles per day – you need to ensure that the impression of your company is a positive one, not negative.

The cheapest price can mean that you graphics are inferior, and your brand is not well represented.

Will Perth Car Wraps Joondalup be my cheapest quote?

Quite often, yes, although that is not our aim. Our aim is normally to be in the mid-to high range of price brackets when compared to comparative quotes.  We want to be remembered for our quality, not known for our price.

However, with 1000 locations around the world, and 100 around Australia, we do have massive buying power, normally far greater than an individual sign company can have. This helps us to still supply very high quality materials, and be extremely competitive on price.

I have a fleet of vehicles to have signage on them. Some here in Perth, some in the country, and some on the East Coast and New Zealand. Can I have all of the work done from your store with one contact point?

Absolutely, yes. Multi- unit roll outs are what we do best. With over 100 stores around Australia, and about 1000 around the world, we have massive coverage. So your vehicle graphics project can be done all with one point of contact at Perth Car Wraps Joondalup.

I don’t feel I can afford my car wrap right now. I know it will bring more business in, and want it, but don’t want to take it out of my cash flow. Do you have a solution?

We sure do – and one that is proving to be extremely popular. A product exclusive to us called ‘Signs on Finance’. As business owners ourselves, we understand that you are always looking for ways to improve your business. That is what we specialise in – helping business owners to grow their business by a smart and resourceful use of vehicle graphics and signage.

This is not always practical though – you need to consider future cash flow requirements, and be aware of spreading your cash too thin.

This is why we are very excited to launch our exclusive and Australian-first ‘Signs on Finance’ programme. In times when you really want to promote and grow your business, but don’t have the cash readily available, then this unique programme may help.

Instead of paying one lump sum for your vehicle graphics requirements, we have a very easy to use process that allows you to finance the signage over a 4 year term, with reducing repayments each year.

Features include:

  • NO bond required
  • NO establishment fees or hidden charges
  • NO higher rentals charged on custom / tailor made equipment
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of a four year term with the flexibility to but the equipment at each anniversary
  • 25% reduction in your rental every year for amounts over $15,000 and 20% reduction per year for amounts under $15,000
  • 100% tax deductible
  • Simple application process with immediate response

For more information, and to view an indicative pricing structure, download this brochure.

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