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Perth is home to a large number of boats. A boat wrap is an ideal way to spruce up the look of your boat. Whether you want to wrap your boat in your corporate logo and colouring, or you are just after a full colour boat wrap, the team at Perth Car Wraps Joondalup boat wraps are the ones to talk to.

Perth Boat Wraps Boat Wraps in Perth

We have an in-house design team who can custom make and design your boat graphics, ready for you to approve prior to us applying the vinyl graphics to your boat.

There is far more to getting a great result for your boat wrap than just coming up with a great design. Our graphic design team is highly skilled in designing a well-balanced and great looking graphic for your boat.

Once the design process is completed, especially important is the correct production and application of your graphics. The first aspect to take in to consideration is the quality of the vinyl and matching over-laminate used. Perth is home to long hot summers, with extreme weather elements. The last thing you want to do is pay for a boat wrap, only to have it fade, peel, shrink or crack after a short time. We only use the highest quality 3M materials. We print with the highest quality HP wide format environmentally friendly printer, and then laminate your graphics with a matching 3M boat grade laminate.

Of course, the best quality vinyl in the world is of little use if it is applied poorly. Our Application Team are trained and accredited to an Advanced Level by 3M. After your boat grade 3M film is applied, and heated in to the contours of your boat, we apply an edge sealer to further protect the film from water and salt incursion.

After this process is completed, then your sparkling new looking boat is ready to take out on the water.

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