Truck Wraps

Truck graphics are one of the most under-utilised and valuable mediums available. Your truck is a mobile billboard that can be used to advertise your brand, company or service.

Perth truck wrap; truck graphics Make your truck in to a mobile billboard

A static billboard on the side of the road can cost you several thousand dollars per month, every month, and it stops working, when you stop paying.  Whereas a large and highly effective truck wrap can start at a mere $1000, and that can last you around 5 years. Which is the better investment?

A well designed truck graphic, expertly applied by our Advanced and skilled applicators will:

  • Advertise your business, service or company 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.
  • Turn a previously dreary and unproductive space into an income generator that will keep your phone ringing.
  • Put you ahead of your competition. Australians are spending more time in their cars and stuck in traffic. Why not place your advertisement right in front of their face where they can go nowhere, and are forced to notice your truck wrap.
  • Make you far more money than you ever invested in it.

What do you look for when researching vinyl truck wraps?

  1. An expert production and application team. Our team of applicators are all trained to an advanced level by 3M. The greatest graphic vinyl in the world is no good if it is applied poorly.
  2. Only use quality 3M vinyl, with a matching 3M protective laminate film over the top. Most films look the same when they are applied – it is quite hard for the end user to detect the difference between a high quality self adhesive vinyl, and a poor quality one. However, within 6 months of initial application, it will be obvious if your sign company has used cheap vinyl wrap. The film will start to shrink back from the edges, peel, bubble or split. The laminate will go brown, or will shrink a lot quicker than the underlying vinyl, therefore leaving the edges of the prints unprotected. Perth Car Wraps Joondalup always guarantees to use the highest quality 3M vinyl wrap vinyl and matching laminate – you can be assured of that.
  3. You do not want to pay thousands of additional dollars to have the graphic designed. We have in-house Graphic Designers who are able to complete all of your design work for you. That is what they do on a daily basis, and know how to get the best result for you.
  4. Your truck should be kept off the road as little time as possible. We all know time is money. That is why you need to choose a highly organised Perth Sign Company to complete the truck wrapping work for you, as you can assured that we will complete the job when we say we will, and keep your down-time to an absolute minimum.

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